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We are a private group which offers a course for the Analytical Reasoning section of the Peel Police Exam. This course is optional and is not a pre-requisite for eligibility to take the Peel Police Exam.

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Analytical Reasoning Test

In Analytical Reasoning candidates are asked a series of questions in multiple choice format that are based on specific conditions. It is essential that the conditions be properly understood.

A very basic (in fact far too basic) example would be:

P, Q, R, S, T, and U represent six men in a lineup (not necessarily in that order) who are placed in slots 1 to 6. The men are ordered from left to right with slot 1 on the left and slot six on the right. If P is placed 2 slots to the right of Q, and P is placed 3 slots to the left of T, and R is placed 2 slots to the left of S, which one of the following is the correct ordering of the men from left to right?


Note that the correct answer is (D).

Once again, the above example is far too basic for the actual test. Furthermore, the real test will have multiple questions based on each set of conditions.

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The Analytical Reasoning section on the Peel Police Test is similar in concept and design to the Analytical Reasoning on the LSAT test (“Law School Admission Test”).

Here are some LSAT Test Preparation and Tutoring Suggestions:

LSAT Books:

Mastering The LSAT – How To Prepare Effectively And Successfully
Richardson Press – ISBN: 0-9696290-3-6
Author: John Richardson, B.A., LL..B, J.D.

LSAT Analytical Reasoning Live Test Preparation Course - Toronto:

John Richardson (author of the Mastering The LSAT book) offers live LSAT Analytical Reasoning courses in Toronto.

Upcoming LSAT Analytical Reasoning Preparation Course And Seminar Dates:

Toronto - Oct. 25/11 - 10:00 a.m. - noon - $95

Course fee includes home study manual

To register call: 416-410-7737

To Learn More About The LSAT Test:

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Student Feedback

“Hi John,

I would like to informed you that I did passed the test at Peel Regional Police back in September 20, 2008. This is a kind of late to inform you but my one day lesson and books that I got from you helped a lot. I am hoping for the best for my next step and keep up the good work of teaching.

P. R.”

“hey john,

just following up as promised.. I passed my tests and I wanted to take this time to thank you for all your help and I really appreciated you offering me a chance to come back a second time, it did make a difference and I thank you very much for everything.

K. N.”

“I was enrolled in your November  7 training course. I am applying to be a police officer. As promised I said i would email you to let you know how it went. It turns out, I did very well and passed both written tests. I wanted to thank you for teaching me how to break down some of the problem solving questions that I was faced to deal with, your course helped me with starting the question off on the right foot. So again thank you very much for taking the time on a Saturday to show me this. I will recommend this course to anyone i know applying to be a Peel police officer.
Thank you,


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